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  • 产品名称:DSP音效处理器

  • 产品型号:NCPA110P
  • 产品厂商:新唐(NUVOTON)
  • 产品文档:
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High-performance, 24-bit audio enhancing SNR 96DB


The NPCA110x is pre-programmed with MaxxAudio3.0® algorithms and
3d开奖走势500期 system features. These include:

  • MaxxBass® reproduces full, rich-sounding bass
    tones even from small speakers. This is done by using a patented psychoacoustic
    technique to create a perceived low bass, which can be extended up to
    1.5 octaves lower
    than the original cut-off.
  • Power handling is done by MaxxVolume®, which
    utilizes the power amplifiers and speakers to their full extent yet avoids
    clipping and distortions.
  • Maxx3D™ widens the 3D image and provides a spacious feel,
    even from small devices.
  • MaxxTreble™ reproduces crystal clear high frequencies to
    compensate for tweeter-less designs.
  • MaxxDialog™ enables end users to enjoy clear, crisp dialog
    thatis not masked by loud music or noisy effects.

  • MaxxEQ™ provides a flexible equalizer with up to 20
    stereophonic bands, providing ample bands for solving resonance issues as well
    as creating unique sound signatures.
  • Digital Volume and Bass/Treble controls which can replace
    traditional analog potentiometers
  • Additional digital controls for selecting a specific music style (Jazz,
    Vocal, Rap, Classical, etc.)




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